Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Eight. 8. Ocho. Anyway you say it, I don't like it. Eight definitely removes any chances of being called a baby. Eight means going into third grade. Eight means no longer paying as a child in some places. Eight means you can play on a 3d DS. Eight is how old my first born turned on June 18th. Eight. Can time just slow down? Not an option is it? I wanted Tyler so badly, and then he was here, and now he has been here for eight years, in just ten years he will be EIGHTeen, WOW. If my words are messy, it is because my mind is messy. Wrapping my mind around him being 8 is something I am still working on. Tyler is such a great kid I just cant imagine him any bigger!

He did have an INCREDIBLE birthday though. We celebrated my little mans day at his Martial Arts school, and had a lot of his classmates join him. He enjoyed every second of it to the max. We also took him to the movies, and his choice for dinner was Red Lobster. What a sweet heart. He was wonderful. The joy in his eyes was great for me to watch. He was so thankful and excited about his friends, and gifts, and his special day. Daddy and I splurged and got him is coveted 3D DS. He is in love!! His friends got him all sorts of cool things and he is in present heaven. It is hard to believe that he will be in the third grade in just a few days!!

Eight means I will hug him tighter. Eight means I will volunteer at his school more often while he still lets me. Eight means I will get healthier to be here for him. Eight means I will read more bed time stories. Eight shows me that no matter what the number, he will always be my baby.

I love you Tyler Jon Lara! You are still my happy place and I adore you. There are no words to describe it. Always.